1 Feb 2015

Placement paper pattern of hal

Company profile of hal
                                                         Placement paper pattern of hal
Pros , Cons & Advice to Management of hal company
- Public sector policies. Restrictive. Being a defense industry, there is less flexibility. But nothing specifically negative.
-Employees do not work properly. Some people sleep during the work.
Advice to Management
-Work flow is not as efficient as private players.
-Appraisal and rating won’t be transparent.
-Have to survive all kind of politics.
- "I got to learn a lot from my two months internship at HAL".- Training provided is good depending on the department.
- Good field of work. Aviation and defense sectors are a major growth area. Future looks good - more private sector organizations coming up, and HAL itself is adapting.

Freshers payscale of hal company
 hal typically pays:
above market
Similar employers pay:
above market
Similar companies include:
bsnl, BEL, CDAC.
Average Salary by Job for hal Employees

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