2 Feb 2015

Placement paper pattern of ongc

Company profile of ongc

Placement paper pattern of ongc

Pros , Cons & Advice to Management of ongc company
-Employees do not work properly. Some people sleep during the work.
-Salary is moderate and not in line with multinationals E&P companies. Work environment is tough and demanding. In some disciplines work life balance is difficult to maintain.
- Very unique work profile, good pay and a very healthy work life balance.
- "Good salary compared to other comp"
- Friendly engineers and great supervisor. He helped us through all our tasks and difficulties.
- Enough time to spend with family
-Awesome training programs, Good medical facilities , Good sports programs , Insane amount of paid leaves in a year.
Advice to Management
-  improve accountability among employees
-Appraisal and rating won’t be transparent.
- Can reduce paperwork by implementing efficient systems.

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