9 Mar 2015

PSU recruitment through gate

Maharatna Companies
The Government had introduced the Maharatna scheme, in 2009. The main objective of the Maharatna Scheme is to empower mega CPSEs to expand their operations and emerge as global giants. The introduction to Maharatna Scheme, the Department of Public Enterprises has achieved one of the three tasks identified to be completed within first 100 days programme in respect of their Department.

Navratna Companies
The Government had introduced the Navratna scheme, in 1977, to identify Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) that had comparative advantages and to support them in their drive to become global giants

Miniratna Companies
In October 1997, the Government decided to grant enhanced autonomy and delegation of financial powers to some other profit making companies (other than the Navratnas) subject to certain eligibility conditions and guidelines to make them efficient and competitive. These categories were Category I and Category II


  1. With a payday advance the candidate essentially needs to confirm his ID, have a financial records, and have verification of work.

  2. In the event that your credit isn't incredible yet you have a solid employment, a payday advance may be appropriate for you.

  3. For crisis necessities, a payday advance is the best enable an administration to can give its kin. These advances have turned out to be so imperative to numerous in the common laborers.

  4. At that point run extra ventures to confirm that the organizations are true blue (not tricks), reasonable, and legitimate, and that past clients haven't encountered major issues while endeavoring to get their title credits.