31 Oct 2015

C C Plus Plus Coaching Tuitions In BTS Layout Arekere Bangalore

C C Plus Plus Coaching Tuitions In BTS Layout Arekere Bangalore
C, C Plus Plus Data Structure Best Coaching Tuition In BTS Layout Arekere Bannerghatta Road Bangalore
Abhilasha Technology is a familiar name among thousands of students. In fact, Abhilasha Technology has become friendly with professionalism and excellence in the field of coaching, tuitions and competitive exams. We are both a friend and a guide to the youth standing at same career platform. Our effort is to make sure that you have a noble aim at the first place. With a focus on multidisciplinary technology and education and a learning model that emphasizes active learning, Abhilasha Technology aspires to be globally known for creativity at the intersection of various disciplines. Abhilasha Technology bold vision builds upon over a period of years of excellence of Abhilasha Technology in Coaching, Tuitions and Training Programs.

Suitable for Technical professionals: IT and business managers who need to learn about current and future technologies; students studying or researching project in C++ .

Who Can Attend : A degree (B.E., B.Tech, MCA, M.Tech) in Electronics/Electrical, Computer Science or Information Technology, Computer Science student of  CBSE, ICSE and State Board

1.      Advance C Programming
2.      Basics of C programming Compilation, Linking, Debugging, Execution
3.      Header Files, Source Files Declaration & Definition
4.       Data Types, Scope of variables Static ,Global ,Local Variables, Loops, Conditional Statement
5.       Macros, Functions
6.       Arrays & Pointers &Structures
7.       Memory APIs, File I/Os.
8.      String Manipulations. VC++ 6.0 Environment (DLL/ Lib /EXE, Workspace Creation)
9.      Debugging Assignments
10.   Concept of DLL and LIB
11.  Advantage and Disadvantage of DLL and LIB
12.   Type of DLL, Regular DLL , Extended DLL
13.   Difference b/w Regular DLL and Extended DLL.
14.   Creation and Calling DLL directly through Win APIs.
15.   Creation of the LIB.


Advanced C++ Programming:
1.      Object Oriented Programming.
2.      Polymorphism
3.       Inheritance
4.       Encapsulation
5.       Abstraction.
6.      Template
7.      STL

Programming and Data Structures:
1.      Programming in C.
2.       Functions
3.       Recursion
4.       Parameter passing
5.      Scope, Binding; Abstract data types
6.      Arrays
7.       Stacks, Queues,
8.       Linked Lists
9.       Trees, Binary search trees, Binary heaps.
10.  Graph

1.      Asymptotic notation, Notions of space and time complexity, Worst and average case analysis;
2.      Greedy approach
3.       Dynamic programming
4.       Divide-and-conquer
5.       Tree and graph traversals
6.       Connected components
7.       Spanning trees
8.       Shortest paths
9.       Hashing
10.   Sorting
11.   Searching
12.   Asymptotic analysis (best, worst, average cases) of time and space, upper and lower bounds, Basic concepts of complexity classes – P, NP, NP-hard, NP-complete.

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