Hi Guys, Today I will explain what are the project you guys can do from your stream. I know that selection of project in final year is tough. But don’t worry I am here to explain all your troubleshooting. The guys who are from electronics background can do project related to topics “Microcontroller Projects ARM AVR 8051 PIC microcontroller”. Now days some hot topic in market like “Innovative RFID Based Projects Ideas for Engineering Students”. This RFD based project can be done by either, ECE, EEE or any derived subject from electronics background students. There are some other hot topics for ECE students who can do project in area like “GSM and GPS Embedded Live Projects for Engineering Students”. These are the topics which you can search on internet to find best related project. Any ways I will be mentioning some of the best project on topics wise further in below section. For Top Computer Science Projects for Final Year Engineering Students, I have mentioned some of the project in below section. I will try to make good collection of project for Free download of MCA, BE, BCA, MBA, MS project, B Tech, But it will take little bit time. Some of the projects that our students recently worked on are as below.

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PIC/AVR/8051 Microcontroller Projects
1. Multistory Car Parking System                                                                        
2. Digital Countdown Timer                                                                        
3. Digital IC Tester for 74 Series of ICs                                                           
4. DS1820 Based High Precision Temperature Indicator
5. Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter                           
6. Biomedical Monitoring System                                                                   
7. Digital Calendar                                                                                    
8. Electronic Circuit Breaker                                                                              
9. Microcontroller Based Temperature Controller                                                             
10. PC To PC Optical Fiber Communication                                                                    
11. Automatic College Bell                                                                                               
12. Device Control through PC                                                         
13. DS1820 Based Temperature Controller
14. Gates Emulator
15. Home Security System
16. Infrared Interruption Counter
17. Infrared Remote Control Switch (6 devices + 1 fan)
18. Interactive Voice Response System For College Automation (IVRS)
19. Line Following Robot
20. Parallel Telephone with Auto Secrecy
21. Password Based Door Locking
22. PC Based Data Logger
23. Electronic Cash Register (ECR)
24. Electronic Voting Machine
25. Electronics Components Tester
26. RTC Based Time Operated Electrical Appliances                          
27. Finger Print Based Security System
28. Fire Fighting Robot
29Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles                                                                  
30. PC to PC Wireless Communication through RF Link
31. PC Based GPS
32. PC Based Robot
33. PC -MC Communication
34. PC Remote Control
35. Microcontroller Based Caller ID
36. Microcontroller Based Digital Clock with Alarm
37. Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock
38. Multipattern Running Lights
39. Secured Wireless Data Communication
40. Street Light Controller                                                                                 
41. Solar Tracking System                                                              
42. Remote Control Via Internet
43. Prepaid Energy Meter
44. Remote Controlled Digital Clock
45. RF based Automatic Meter Reading
46. RF Based Remote Control                              
47. Telephone Controlled Motor
48. Telephone Controlled Remote Switch
49. Temperature Controlled Fan                                                                        
50. Traffic Light Controller                                                                                                               

RFID Technology Based Projects
1. RFID based ATM Machine                                                                          
2. RFID based Security System
3. RFID based Automatic Challan System                                                                  
4. RFID based Library Management System                                                               
5. RFID based Local Vehicle Tracking System                                               
6. RFID based Inventory Tracking System
7. RFID based Automatic Toll Tax  Deduction System
8.  RFID based Shopping Cart 
9. RFID based Ration Card
10. RFID based Prepaid Energy Meter with Recharge Option                     
11. RFID based Banking System
12. RFID based Voting Machine
13. RFID based Attendance System                                                               
14. RFID based Railway Reservation
15. RFID based Automatic Car Parking System 
16. RFID based Metro Train Prototype
17. RFID based Railway Platform to Display Exact Position of Each Coach                                                            
18. RFID based Parts Tracking System for Manufacturing
19. RFID based Event Tracking System for Sports
20. RFID based Animal Identification Device for Dairy Forms
21. RFID based Electronic Road Pricing for Controlling the Traffic                           
22. RFID based Telemedicine System

GSM Technology Based Projects
1.  SMS based Home Appliances Control                                                        
2. GSM Controlled Wireless Robot                                                                  
3. SMS based Railways Reservation System 
4. SMS based Vehicle Location Finder for Parking
5. SMS based Notice Board for Collages/Institutes 
6.  Interfacing GSM Mobile to PC to Send the Message from PC
7.  SMS based Voting Machine.                                                                         
8.  SMS based DC Motor Control                                                                      
9.  SMS based Stepper Motor Control              
10. SMS based Anti Theft System for Vehicles.
11. SMS based Energy Meter Monitoring
12.  SMS Controlled Vehicle Ignition System for Safety
13.  SMS based Home Security System                                                          
14.  SMS based Generator Start/Stop System
15. SMS based Vending Machine             

Fuzzy, Neural Network, MATLAB Based Projects
1.  Bottle Filling System Using Fuzzy Logic                                                  
2.  Fuzzy logic based  Pure Sine Wave Inverter
3.  Fuzzy logic based Washing Machine Control
4.  Fuzzy Logic Based Motor Speed Controller
5.  Fuzzy Logic Based Load Shedder
6.  Fuzzy Logic Based Voltage Balancer
7. Fuzzy Logic Based Load Balancer
8.  Neural N/w based Noisy Character Recognition                                       
9.  Fuzzy logic Based Elevator Controller
10.  Fuzzy logic Based Traffic Light Controller                                            
11.  Access Control System
12.  Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm
13.  Automatic Plant Irrigation
14.  Digital gates Emulator
15. Intelligent Emergency Light
16. Multi-Pattern Running light
17. Number Guessing Game
18. Multi Color Display Using Tri color LED
19.  Digital Visitor Counter
20.  Door Bell with Security Feature
21.  Electronic Quiz Table
22.  Electronic Security System
23.  Electronic Token Number Display with Music
24. Fire Monitor
25. Infrared Remote Switch


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