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I am a mom of one, opinionated woman of today. I am a passionate reader and writer. I love reading about a variety of issues and written so many article on various issues. An MBA by qualification and a professional writer, entrepreneur. I write career guide page for job hunter, I am especially fascinated by job issues, market job trend, travel issues, education system, social issues, women's issues, relationships, parenting, politics, fitness, health and nutrition among many others. I have done a multitude of professional writing assignments, many international that I find especially rewarding, as I get to explore and learn new things and stretch myself a little bit each time. I have customized software solutions and excellent writing solutions. Get in touch with me for any requirements today! Reach my blog at http://www.AbhilashaTechnology.com

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Why Abhilasha Technology?
I face a lot of problem of getting job when I was finish my final year degree. I did jobs and left it because of my personal business. But I don’t want you guys to face such problem because of not having proper guidance. So I will give as much as help using this website. I will add previous year software company paper with explanation on C, C++, DS, Microcontroller, Electronics Subject, Networking, Algorithms, and Quant(add any subject you want), government and private company examination paper. I also provide trick and techniques for getting selected in Software Company, and PSU. I believe on doing things than saying anything else. So Start joining this portal and invite only job hunter to join this portal .I hope we can help each and every student to make their dream come true.